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New Zealand's asset infrastructure

Image courtesy of Jeremy Katterns, Engineer at Tasman District Council.

Evidence-Based Strategic Support for Asset Management Decision-Making 

Set up by Asset Management industry leaders in New Zealand over two decades ago, IDS provide evidence-based strategic support to asset infrastructure management professionals and councils around the country. 


Drawing on performance-modelling intellectual property developed in New Zealand for New Zealand, we provide solutions for the industry to maintain, improve and protect their infrastructure networks. Our solid, reliable, centralised resource of performance-modelling intellectual property sits alongside our comprehensive service offering and experienced modellers. 

The Importance of Asset Modelling

Asset modelling is a vital tool that provides evidence-based information for asset managers, senior decision-makers and governance to reach the best possible decisions for their asset investments.


This video explains the importance of Asset Modelling, with industry experts, David Fraser, Dr. Steven Finlay, Andrew McKillop and Dr. Theuns Henning sharing their opinions on what is so valuable.  


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