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Future Proofing New Zealand's Infrastructure Together

Established by pioneers in the New Zealand Asset Management industry twenty-five ago, IDS stands as a trusted source of evidence-based strategic support for asset infrastructure management professionals, councils, and their communities.  


Drawing on performance-modelling intellectual property developed in New Zealand for New Zealand, we provide cutting-edge deterioration modelling solutions for asset managers and owners to maintain, improve and protect their infrastructure networks. 

We work closely with a wide range of industry partners and our Technical Consortium to build and strengthen collaboration within the sector.


Our solid, reliable, centralised resource of performance-modelling intellectual property sits alongside our comprehensive service offering and experienced modellers. IDS are proudly the exclusive distributor of Deighton dTIMS modelling software in New Zealand.

Discover Our Range of Asset Network Maintenance, Renewal and Replacement Modelling Tools:

IDS Icons For Sealed Roads.png

Sealed Roads/Pavement Model

IDS Icons For 3 Waters.png

IDS Wai (3Waters Pipe Renewal & Replacement Model)

IDS Icons For Unsealed Roads.png

Unsealed Roads Model

IDS Icons For Bridges.png


IDS Icons For Footpath Model.png

Footpaths Model

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