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IDS Training

Unlock your potential - grow your dTIMS & IDS Modelling Tool knowledge and take your career to the next level with IDS/Deighton University.

IDS' comprehensive training offering in conjunction with Deighton was created in response to our members and the industry, who asked for more training in the use and understanding of the powerful investment analysis we do in New Zealand.

IDS/Deighton University is a Learning Management System (LMS) available to all dTIMS users and IDS members.


This dTIMS knowledgebase offers a wide range of multi-level courses to perfect your ability to understand the fundamental principle of long-term investment analysis, understand and interpret the results and perform tasks throughout the entire dTIMS system, including but not limited to; database configuration, analysis configuration, data visualisation, and analysis refinement tasks. 


The training is delivered by IDS and Deighton asset management and technical experts. 

Accessing the IDS/Deighton University LMS

The IDS/Deighton University is the gateway to dTIMS eLearning and New Zealand-specific training courses. It offers members a wide range of multi-level courses that can be accessed anytime, anywhere to perfect your ability to perform tasks throughout the entire dTIMS system. 

How it works

The programme works on the concept of “personas”. A persona is a typical role in terms of software use, and each persona has different responsibilities and competency requirements.


There are several modules to complete for each persona to acquire the knowledge needed to undertake their role.

The modules are split into 20-30 minute online mini-courses. These include a mixture of teaching, hands-on examples, further resources and quizzes. Courses start from $150 per unit.

We understand that not everyone will need to complete every mini-course. The system is designed so each person can pick and choose their own unique training path as required.

Training streams

"The training is thorough and easy to navigate."
Deighton University Alumni member

There are five main training streams under the following personas:


  • Concepts: Core concepts of asset management and dTIMS, targeting the following personas: Managers, Consultants, Users, and Builders.​

  • DB Admin: Database use and performance, structuring and setting up dTIMS for your data. 
    This certification is for those who deal with their data frequently and need to manipulate it in the dTIMS template. 

  • Analyst: The “how-to” of dTIMS software, what is required in a decision support system and how to make it all happen. 
    This certification is designed for Day-to-day users (analysts), Consultants, ​and Managers.

  • Implementer:  Is responsible for working with the client to implement dTIMS. This certification is designed for Consultants, Partners and Managers.

  • NZ Templates: Specific training modules covering the “how-to" of our NZ templates and will replace the traditional lab-based training days. 

Jan 2022 PersonaGraphic_no contact info.png

New Zealand specific template training

Our NZ-specific training courses will cover the “how-to" of our NZ templates and will replace the traditional lab-based training days previously held in person.

The rollout will begin with the sealed road template and cover topics of data requirements, calibration, customisation, results and outputs. More modules will be available over the coming months.

Just NZ.png

Training subscription options

These comprehensive training resources are offered at a significantly reduced cost and are specific to a user’s designated role and the organisation’s desired learning outcomes. 


Subscription options include; adding a training component to your annual membership, subscribing to a full module, or enrolling in individual mini-courses.

For more information about these options and pricing, please contact Jodie O'Doherty.

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