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ASC is a Civil Engineering consultancy that delivers innovative and practical solutions to the transport and infrastructure sectors. We are committed to providing quality technical services that meet our Client's objectives and developing constructive long-term working relationships.


Working with IDS, we provide strategic analyses incorporating asset management principles and using dTIMS software for road networks across New Zealand.

Auxilium Logo - people infrastructure environment

Auxilium Ltd offers a range of practical business advisory services to help solve the most complex organisational issues; both in the private and the public sector. Over the years, using our technical excellence and sustainable insights, we have empowered our clients in achieving desired results consistently, and continue to do so with passion, commitment, and integrity.

Partnering with IDS and Deighton enables us to enhance our potential in delivering technical, managerial, and reliable solutions in the area of strategic asset management and lifecycle decision making. We look forward to continuing this collaboration to assist authorities in New Zealand in maintaining and managing infrastructure assets.

Beca Logo

Beca creates design and optimises assets and infrastructure to make every day better for their clients and communities.  With over 20 years’ experience of dTIMS pavement deterioration modelling expertise for both sealed and unsealed road networks, Beca turns data into information to support informed, evidence-based decisions.  


Beca has worked with many clients across New Zealand and understands the performance of their assets, manage risks, and forecast expenditure needs associated with providing the desired level of service outcomes for the community and other stakeholders. 

Downer Relationships creating success Logo

As one of Australasia’s largest construction firms Downer is a leader in asset management, service in markets including Transportation, Infrastructure, Mining, Energy and Industrial Engineering, Utilities, Communications and Facilities.

Downer has achieved certification to ISO 55001 across multiple industries, including rolling stock and rail infrastructure, road network management and integrated facilities management.

Downer New Zealand has a team of 3 strategic asset performance engineers. This team carry out predictive analytics across all roading infrastructure contracts to provide customers with a better understanding of infrastructure and investment needs.

Our expertise is provided through both the IDS models and the Downer model that has been created specifically for the New Zealand road network.


Fulton Hogan Engineering Solutions is a specialist in-house technical consultancy service within Fulton Hogan, helping support our operational business arms to continue to be market leaders.  We strive to deliver operational excellence across our range of products and services in the roading, three waters, rail, quarrying, and infrastructure asset management sectors.


The Engineering Solutions team is committed to pioneering innovation and best practice in asset analytics and modelling while supporting our clients to overcome their challenges. We offer industry-leading expertise in dTIMS modelling services and long term planning advice

Waugh Ideas, Analysis, Solutions Logo

Waugh Infrastructure Management is a management consulting company focussing on Asset Management Planning, Asset Systems Implementation and Strategic Asset Management Support.

The organisation has been recognised as experts within New Zealand’s infrastructure management industry for over 20 years, providing asset management services to local government, public and utility services clients.


Ross Waugh and the team have contributed to a number of New Zealand national data capture, advisory, and infrastructure standard-setting projects. The organisation takes an active interest in local and international infrastructure asset management trends.Our staff are passionate about assisting people to practice infrastructure asset management holistically and comprehensively, yet practically. Strategic analysis of client practices is balanced with a strong practical background that always ensures results, not theory. Members of the team are recognised and respected for their skills in the implementation and use of Asset Management Information Systems, GIS and associated data collection, manipulation, and reporting.

Waugh Infrastructure Management has maintained a close working relationship with IDS for many years and is now pleased to be able to offer strategic asset management support through partnering with the IDS Technical Consortium. Our expertise enables us to support clients in implementing strategic asset management across the IDS full asset infrastructure modelling service offerings. We are able to support model development using Deighton dTIMS for sealed road pavements, gravel roads, footpaths and “Three Waters” assets for client organisations and continue to work with IDS to create and continuously improve these industry-leading tools. The Unsealed Roads Network Performance Modelling Tool - which secured the 2020 IPWEA New Zealand Excellence Award in Maximising Asset Performance – included Waugh Infrastructure Management staff as part of the project development team.

WSP Logo

WSP develop creative, comprehensive and sustainable engineering solutions for a future where society can thrive. We're proud of the unique value we bring, with unrivalled local knowledge harnessed from 150 years of pioneering the important infrastructure and environments of New Zealand. We’ve advocated for and provided leadership to IDS since initiation of the NZ dTIMS project in the early 1990s.


Promoting the IDS tools, WSP supports clients of all sizes in achieving their asset management goals through improved forward works planning of maintenance and renewals and long-term forecasting of activities and investment. Creating what matters for future generations.

Infrastructure Technology Background

Technical Consortium Members

Our Chief Executive and Technical Advisory Group (dTAG) are supported by a technical consortium of consultants involved in the development, implementation, and execution of dTIMS models and analysis for a variety of clients. Below is a list of our valued consortium members.

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