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This page features resources available for you to read, including the latest presentations from our dTIMs & IDS Peer Networking event in May 2018.


Data Requirements for IDS Modelling.JPG

Data Requirements Document for IDS Modelling (PDF)

This is a valuable document in the lead up to 2021. It outlines what data items you need to collect, its use in the modelling process and it's importance. 


IDS_Getting Ready for 2021 brochure.JPG

Are you ready for 2021 brochure (PDF)

Read how we can help you put forward the best 2021 business case through solid, reliable, accurate modelling outcomes and evidence-based reports so you have the confidence you need to make the right decisions. 


PPL 003890 IDS 2021 Timeline A4.jpg

IDS 2021 Timeline (PDF)

A helpful and visual way to keep you on track in the lead up to submitting your 2021 Long-Term Plan. The timeline outlines the important dates and information you need to be aware of.

Celebrating 20 years of dTIMS, 1998 - 2018
Gordon Hart, dTIMS & IDS Peer Networking event - May 2018

Read about the history of IDS and the dTIMs modelling tool and it's journey to success, the learnings along the way and where they are at now. 


Read this Membership update to find out about the latest offerings, promotions, and updates incorporating feedback from recent surveys, to improve IDS and dTIMs.