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Asset Management Software & Modelling Tools

IDS provide solutions to maintain, plan and protect asset networks. Although modelling of roading and water asset

performance lies at the heart of our services, there is so much more that we offer.

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NZ Pavement Roads

Our pavement models will help you find the best balance between investment into renewal programmes and levels of service provided through pavement and surface performance of your sealed road networks.

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IDS Wai - 3Waters Pipe Renewal & Replacement Model 

Understanding and managing your 3Waters assets effectively has never been more important. Our tried and tested network renewal and replacement models will help assist you to evaluate your current and future 3Waters infrastructure maintenance and replacement requirements.

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Unsealed Road Model 
Our Unsealed Road Model has been developed to optimise your blading and gravel replacement programme and provide evidence for your business asset management plan in unsealed roads.

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Footpath Model 

Many authorities are now starting to collect detailed footpath condition data. Find out how you can use this modelling tool for your footpath network. 


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Bridges Model

Forecasting bridge maintenance and renewal needs is critical to develop short-term forward work programmes and better understand the longer-term investment needs for your bridge network.

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