3Waters Pipe Renewal & Replacement Model

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IDS 3Waters Pipe Renewal & Replacement Model
The New Zealand water industry is moving into unprecedented times with the introduction of the Central/Local Government Three Waters Reform Programme, which will impact councils and water asset owners over the next three years.

Understanding and managing your 3water assets effectively has never been more important.

Our 3Waters Pipe Renewal & Replacement Model can help provide the evidence and assurance you need to determine future investments needs.


We have tried and tested network analysis tools for:

  • Potable Water 

  • Newly developed wastewater and stormwater model – Available now for testing and customisation

 Benefits of modelling for you and your network

  • Evaluate and understand your water asset network’s maintenance and investment needs in more depth

  • Have confidence in your replacement profile for the next 10, 20 years and beyond

  • Explore the ratio between affordability and cost implications for different risk or service level scenarios

  • The modelling outcomes provide valuable analytics and the solid evidence you need for the 3Waters regulatory framework

  • Explore the ratio between required investment levels to retain a network’s current value versus how this will impact the pockets of your ratepayers.

Learn more in our video with industry experts;  Philip McFarlane, Dr. Theuns Henning, Greg Preston and  Tom Dyer.

Who has used the tool?

The IDS water network analysis tool has been used at three councils to date; Dunedin City Council, testing of Hastings District Council’s network, and more recently, Central Otago District Council.

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