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IDS Wai (Water) - Pipe Renewal & Replacement Model

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Let us help your council work smarter not harder when it comes to planning around Three Waters.

What is IDS-Wai?

IDS-Wai (Pipe Renewal & Replacement Model) is a risk-based forecasting model for potable (drinking) water, wastewater and stormwater piped networks.

By utilising your existing water pipe data (irrespective of its condition) including inventory, condition, performance and financial records, the IDS-Wai modelling outcomes (reports) can help you understand your network's future maintenance and investment needs.

We can provide the evidence you need for not only regulatory requirements but also assurance that you are spending the right money in the right places at the right time long-term.


Benefits of IDS-Wai modelling for you and your community

  • Valuable analytics and solid evidence you need for the  Three Waters regulatory framework

  • Evaluate and understand your water asset network’s maintenance and investment needs in more depth

  • Confidently provide the best economic return for your ratepayers and wider stakeholders

  • Provide safe, affordable, and reliable drinking water, and wastewater and stormwater networks/services that meet external regulations, and environmental and cultural expectations.

  • Have confidence in your replacement profile for the next 10, 20 years and beyond

  • Explore the ratio between affordability and cost implications for different risk or service level scenarios

  • Explore the ratio between required investment levels to retain a network’s current value versus how this will impact the pockets of your ratepayers.

Data condition

IDS realise that no council has perfect data - the model can run on existing data and in the process, provide strategic guidance on where to focus future data collection and data improvements. Our experienced team can work through this with you. 

Find out what data is required for this model in our IDS Wai Data Sheet

Who has used IDS-Wai?

The modelling tool has been used at several councils to date: Dunedin City Council, testing of Hastings District Council’s network, and more recently, Central Otago District Council and Selwyn District Council.

Case Study - Selwyn District Council

Learn about Selwyn District Council and the journey they have undertaken with our IDS Wai (Water) Pipe Renewal & Replacement Model.

Expert advice on the importance of Three Waters modelling 

Watch industry experts;  Philip McFarlane, Dr. Theuns Henning, Greg Preston and  Tom Dyer discuss the importance of water modelling.

Get in touch

To discuss your water network needs contact Hugh Blake-Manson our IDS-Wai Manager at or call 027 7047 027.

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