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The main challenge with any water pipe infrastructure is that it is underground and not visible, so issues are not as easily identified until something goes wrong.


IDS have designed tried and tested 3Waters pipeline network renewal and replacement models:

  • Potable Water 

  • Newly developed wastewater and stormwater model – Available now for testing and customisation

We will assist you to evaluate your current and future 3Waters infrastructure, identify any issues and plan your maintenance requirements and give you confidence in your replacement profile for the next 10, 20, 50, and 100 years.


The IDS water models can also be used to explore the ratio between required investment levels to retain a network’s current value versus how this will impact the pockets of your ratepayers.

The IDS water network analysis tool has been used at three councils to date; Dunedin City Council, testing of Hastings District Council’s network, and more recently, Central Otago District Council.