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Our Purpose

IDS takes a leading role in spearheading the development, advocacy, and implementation of best practice and evidence-based decision-making for New Zealand infrastructure. 

Operating as an independent subsidiary of Āpōpō, IDS is a charitable organisation owned by the civil engineering industry, dedicated to supporting and serving communities across the country.

Our organisation is committed to building and strengthening collaboration within the Asset Management community and provides a unique and neutral environment for the industry, including competitors, to work collaboratively side-by-side on projects for the betterment and progress of the sector.

IDS have significantly advanced asset modelling and analysis software tools available to asset owners over the past two decades including developing NZ-specific Intellectual Property (IP) for New Zealand's unique needs which is owned by and available to the industry.  We are custodians of this publicly-owned taonga (IP) which encompasses asset management methodology, models and interrelationships.

Our charitable purpose is to:


  • Provide industry leadership in the development, advocacy, and implementation of evidence-based decision-making for infrastructure.

  • Provide kaitiakitanga of the publically-owned taonga (IP) encompassing methodology, models and interrelationships. 

  • Advocate the use of deterioration modelling and decision-making tools.

  • Promote the use of the New Zealand-specific deterioration model we have developed as best practice for asset management.

  • Promote the use of predictive deterioration modelling as best practice for key infrastructure assets including road and water infrastructure.

  • Ensure that access to leading-edge deterioration modelling is kept within reach of all New Zealand Local Authorities, regardless of size or in-house technical expertise.

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