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Bridge Network Maintenance and Renewal Modelling Tool

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Accurate projection of bridge maintenance and renewal is fundamental in creating effective forward work programmes and gaining insights into the long-term investment requirements of your bridge network.


Our IDS Bridge Network Maintenance and Renewal Modelling Tool model forecasts both short and long-term bridge maintenance and renewal needs.


Maintenance specific to individual structures is forecast in the first 10-20 years of analysis, followed by network-level forecasts for up to 50 years. The maintenance mechanisms included in the model are:


• Guardrail Repairs

• Timber Repairs

• Timber Deck Repairs

• Structural Steel Repairs

• Steel Corrosion Repairs

• Scour Repairs

• Joint Repairs

• Concrete Repairs

Key benefits of our Bridge Model


  • Forecast your bridge maintenance and renewal needs to develop short-term forward work programmes.

  • Understand longer-term investment needs for your bridge network.

  • Develop your maintenance programmes​.

  • Obtain evidence and narratives for your business asset management plans so you can confidently justify your investment needs to stakeholders.

Data condition

We understand that no council has perfect data - the model can run on existing data and in the process, provide strategic guidance on where to focus future data collection and data improvements. Our experienced team can work through this with you. 

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Find out what data is required for this model in our Bridges Data Sheet

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