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IDS New Comprehensive Training Programme

Our members have asked for more training in the use and understanding of the powerful investment analysis we do in New Zealand. The Road Efficiency Group (REG) has also signalled a significant skills gap in all areas of asset management.

In response to this, we are very excited to launch a comprehensive training offering in conjunction with Deighton.

The new IDS/Deighton University is a Learning Management System (LMS) available to all dTIMS users and IDS members.

This dTIMS knowledgebase offers members a wide range of multi-level courses to perfect their ability to understand the fundamental principle of long-term investment analysis, understand and interpret the results and perform tasks throughout the entire dTIMS system, including but not limited to; database configuration, analysis configuration, data visualisation, and analysis refinement tasks.

Accessing IDS/Deighton University training

The IDS/Deighton University is the gateway to dTIMS eLearning and New Zealand specific training courses. These courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a mobile device, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

Mini-course models structure

The training modules are split into 20-30 minute online mini-courses. These include a mixture of teaching, hands-on examples, further resources and quizzes. The mini-courses will provide asset management and dTIMS knowledge but will not replace the need for one-on-one mentoring. It is expected that new users will complete the required online courses as a pre-requisite for one-on-one training.

Something for everyone

The detail behind the new IDS training programme works on the concept of “personas”. A persona is a typical role in terms of software use, each persona has different responsibilities and competency requirements.

For each persona, there will be a number of modules to complete for them to acquire the knowledge needed to undertake their role. For example, an Infrastructure Manager needs to have a higher-level understanding of the dTIMS outputs, how to turn that information into evidence for investment business cases for senior management, and what are the minimum data requirements for this.

New Zealand Specific Training Modules The NZ specific training courses will cover the “how-to" of our NZ templates and will replace the traditional lab-based training days previously held in person. The rollout will begin with the sealed road template and cover topics of data requirements, calibration, customisation, results and outputs. More modules will be available over the coming months.

Investment A flexible pricing structure will be announced to members in July 2021. It will provide our members with options to subscribe to individual courses or mini-courses, enrol for a full persona qualification or include unlimited access to the entire training programme as part of the membership structure. We understand that not everyone will need to complete every mini-course. The system is designed so each person can pick and choose their own unique training path as required.


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