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New Training Opportunity for 2024!

Are you keen to boost your in-house modelling capabilities and confidently run a model utilising dTIMS and IDS NZ Templates for Sealed Roads and Potable/Wastewater Networks?

We are delighted to announce a new training opportunity - Cohort Asset Renewal and Analytics Modeller & Interpreter Training. 

Delivered by experienced IDS and Deighton asset management and technical experts, these training pathways will:   

  • Enhance your decision-making by understanding and interpreting your modelling reports more effectively.

  • Develop modelling skills and resources within your team.

  • Create robust, structured forward works programmes to ensure timely completion.

  • Equip you with the knowledge and skills to champion best practices in asset management and deterioration modelling.


The first Cohort will run from April to Sept 2024. Please get in touch with Jodie to register your interest. Spots are limited!

Special note on Bridges:

We have had an interest in providing this training for bridge networks. If this is something you would like to see added to our training programme, please let Jodie know


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