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And it's a wrap! Deighton Peer Exchange 2022

Thank you to all the delegates who attended our Deighton Associates Limited and IDS dTIMS Peer Exchange. We hope you found it enjoyable, valuable and inspiring. We certainly enjoyed bringing it to you. A very big thank you to all of our speakers and special guests who shared their expertise and knowledge.

Vicki Deighton, Rob Piane, Brock Deighton, Gary Ruck, P. Eng., PMP, Diego Ros, Dr. Theuns Henning, Elke Beca, gordon Hart, Gemma Mathieson, Erik Barnes, Heidi Wood, Grant Holland, Hugh Blake-Manson, Andy Bartlett, Roger Bailey, Claire-Louise Bode-Shields, Khaldoon Azawi, Rehan Mehta, Dawn Spence, Jessica Bagherzadegan, Yizhou (Lucien), Jesse Audley, Quinton Penniall, Peter Tomlinson, Mark Hardman.

Here are a few photos from the event.

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