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(L-R) Priyani de Silva-Currie, IPWEA NZ Vice-President, Andy Bartlett (CODC/Waugh Infrastructure Management), Julie Muir (CODC/IDS Board Chair), Theuns Henning (IDS), Hassan Salapour (IDS/Beca), Myles Lind, IPWEA NZ President. Photo credit: Bill Hedges, Gotya Photography.

IDS New Asset Modelling Tool Wins IPWEA Excellence Award

IPWEA NZ Excellence Awards, 03 December 2020, Dunedin

Our innovative Unsealed Roads Network Performance Modelling Tool won the 'Excellence in Maximising Asset Performance Award' at the 2020 IPWEA NZ Excellence Awards. 


Asset Infrastructure Modelling Through IDS 

Article in Local Government Magazine, July 2020

IDS CEO and industry expert, Dr Theuns Henning, talks to Local Government Magazine about the application of dTIMS in New Zealand asset management after it was given some very practical Kiwi twists. 


Managing unsealed roads – the lifeline of the NZ economy

Case Study Article in NZ Construction News, May 2020

Read how IDS, Central Otago District Council (CODC), Deighton and the industry worked together to develop this first-of-its-kind tool in NZ.

Learn how CODC used the tool to answer important questions about their unsealed roads network.

Article in Local Government Magazine, July 2018


Outcomes from modelling an asset network effectively can help justify funding in a council’s next Long Term Plan. 

Tasman District Council has been doing just that. Here are some insights into how roading asset deterioration modelling has worked for them. 

For more information, watch the success story video here.

Article on, 21 April 2018


IDS Chief Executive and Group Leader of Transportation Engineering at Auckland University Dr Theuns Henning, comments on the state of NZ's bridge stock.

Article in Local Government Magazine, February 2017

A road modelling tool helped quickly identify options for additional surfacing and paving work on an alternate route
after the Kaikoura earthquake wiped out the town’s main road link.