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You Are Invited to Our First IDS Wai (Water) Training

We warmly welcome you to join us at our very first IDS Wai (Water) Training in Christchurch, on Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 August.

Whether you are a Consultant, Contractor or Pipe Network Asset Manager, you will benefit from a deeper understanding of your or your client’s water network – from both an investment need and a pipe renewals replacements perspective.

Benefits of the training and why you should attend:

  • Gain insight into the power of the IDS Wai (Water) model, the concepts behind it, and the benefits it can offer

  • Learn how to undertake more effective planning, development and forward works of pipe renewals using deterioration models

  • Learn how to incorporate the current and forecast conditions in pipe renewal planning, including optimising replacements based on criticality and key risk factors

  • Gain more certainty in the forward investment needs of your network

What can you expect:

Face-to-face access to experienced modellers’ expert guidance and advice

Development of a deeper understanding of the dTIMS analysis tool, its functionality, and capabilities

An opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss mutual issues and learnings with other attendees

Ongoing mentoring - the training will be followed up with a mentoring offering, where we will provide the opportunity for you to be taken through a step-by-step process based on your own or your client’s network.


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