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RIMS 2023 - IDS & Partner Presentations To Watch

We've shortlisted a few intesting presentations to check out at the 2023 IPWEA New Zealand RIMS Forum in Ōtautahi Christchurch (22-23 March)

Interactive Workshop: “Having the Best use of Evidence for Asset Management Plans” – Bringing Modelling outcomes into the Strategic Business Case

When: Day 2: Thursday 23 March, 11.10 am, Stream 1: Optimised Decision-Making

Presenters: Theuns Henning - IDS, Erik Barnes - Auxilium, Grant Holland - Waugh Infrastructure Management.

If you’re looking to learn better ways to use your asset modelling and evidence base to tell a more effective investment story, join Dr. Theuns Henning from our team, Erik Barnes from Auxilium, and Grant Holland from Waugh Infrastructure Management Limited, at the IPWEA New Zealand RIMS Forum this week in their interactive workshop on: “Having the Best use of Evidence for Asset Management Plans” – Bringing Modelling outcomes into the Strategic Business Case.

In a resource-constrained setting, determining the ramifications of low investment and optimising your council budgets is absolutely critical.

Theuns, Erik and Grant will explore successful case studies where modelling has been used to effectively deliver a compelling, robust investment story. Attendees will also receive additional guidance and support if needed.

Interactive Workshop on Reducing GHGs in the Transport Sector

When: Day 1: Wednesday 22 March, 2.15 pm, Stream 1: Optimised Decision-Making.

Presenters: Cal Roughan, WSP & Mike Tapper, Beca.

Responding to the carbon challenge in the transport sector is becoming more urgent.

If you are heading along to the IPWEA New Zealand RIMS Forum tomorrow, hear from Cal Roughan, WSP in New Zealand Zealand and Michael Tapper, Beca at their interactive workshop on Reducing GHGs in the Transport Sector.

They will present on two Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency projects that aim to benchmark and model the GHGs across the land transport sector:

• National Land Transport Carbon Footprint - Waka Kotahi has commissioned Beca to benchmark the national land transport infrastructure carbon footprint in a research project. This presentation will provide a preview of some of the work currently being undertaken prior to the release of the research later in 2023.

• GHG modelling in dTIMS - Our industry is still in the process of trying to quantify the relative magnitude of carbon emissions across renewal and maintenance activity phases and to report on the carbon footprint of FWPs. The IDS tool proposes a basic solution for interim use and further industry development. This IDS project is being led by Ian Greenwood, with support from WSP in New Zealand, Beca and Downer.

Cal and Mike will then guide attendees through a range of initiatives that could help reduce GHGs in both the short and long term.

Chasing our tails When: Day 1: Wednesday 22 March, Optimised Decision-Making Stream 1,1.45pm

Presenters: Gemma Mathieson (IDS) and Lucien Zhang (Beca)

NZ has long been at the forefront of good road asset management practice. Why then, are there so many potholes? A number of factors are at play, and a non-traditional approach is required to understand the problem and come up with a solution.

“Keeping good roads good” is only a successful approach when the full network condition distribution is maintained over time.

A new strategic approach is now required to fix this growing problem and ensure the safety of all road users. The challenge we are faced with is first to identify where the issues are. We can all see them with our eyes, but how can we see them within our data?

Join Gemma and Lucien and hear their presentation on the approach taken to identify the problem areas of the State Highway network, quantifying this backlog, and incorporating a resolution into our business-as-usual processes.

Rapid Download session: Every Asset Everywhere All at Once!

When: Day 1: Rapid Downloads, Wednesday 22 March, 3:45pm

Join Gemma Mathieson from our team and Andy Bartlett from Waugh Infrastructure Management Limited at IPWEA New Zealand RIMS Forum at their Rapid Download session: Every Asset Everywhere All at Once!

Learn how you can achieve cross-asset optimisation and better outcomes for your investment, stakeholders, and community by leveraging the full suite of IDS dTIMS

templates - sealed roads, unsealed roads, footpaths, and bridge models, as well as the recently updated IDS Wai model for assessing pipe deterioration tool.

Explore the trade-offs that must be made to balance levels of service and risk across different asset classes and how IDS can assist in this important decision-making process.

Through this session, you will learn how to achieve your ultimate asset management goals and ensure that no asset group is left behind!


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