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IDS Team Announcement - Exciting Update

Hugh Blake-Manson has joined the IDS team

We warmly welcome and introduce Hugh Blake-Manson who has joined our team as our IDS Wai Manager. Hugh will help create awareness of our IDS 3Waters Pipe Renewal & Replacement Model and work closely with our existing clients on their water requirements.

Hugh brings a wealth of experience to the role, with 30 years of involvement in the water sector (Council, 3Waters Maintenance Contractor and Consulting). He is a Chartered Professional Engineer with previous and current roles on the Board of Water New Zealand and IPWEA(NZ) respectively.

Gemma Mathieson takes on new role at IDS

We are delighted to advise that Gemma Mathieson, has been appointed IDS Chief Operating Officer. Gemma has worked for IDS for 8 years, initially as Helpdesk Manager, then Technical Manager.

This appointment not only recognises Gemma's amazing work and her passion for IDS but also supports our growth and increased activities.


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