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IDS & Partner Presentations at IPWEA NZ Conference, 21-23 JUNE

The IPWEA NZ Conference is just around the corner, with only a week to go! If you're attending, be sure to visit our stand (numbers eight and nine), we would love to see you, and you can pick up one of our famous cookies.

IDS & partner presentations at the conference

Some of our IDS and technical consortium team will be presenting and sharing their knowledge at the conference. Below we have information on their topics and hope to see you there.

'A Regional Perspective on Long-term Investment Modelling'

PRESENTERS: Theuns Henning (IDS | University of Auckland) and Shaun Lion-Cachet (Co-Lab RATA)

WHEN: Day 2 - Thursday 22 June

STREAM: Te Whakamahere mō Anamata | Planning for the Future

TIME: 11.30AM

Have you performed a network dTIMS analysis on your road network? Great if you have. What will happen if you undertake a regional investment analysis? How will the results differ, and what do the differences mean?

New Zealand councils undertake long-term performance modelling as part of the 3-yearly Land Transport Plan. The pavement performance modelling is crucial evidence for the business case demonstrating the short, medium and long-term investment needs for road maintenance and renewals. It is also instrumental in establishing the potential Level of Service risks should a less-than-ideal investment scenario be followed.

However, the limitation of the current approach is that individual council’s road networks investment do not fully account for regional objectives and outcomes. It is believed that these results may be slightly sub-optimal if it is compared to regional investment needs and wider community outcomes. With the Consistent Condition Data Quality Initiative from Te Ringa Maimoa, having data collected in a consistent manner allows for meaningful analysis at a regional and national level.

This presentation explores the findings from regional analysis and ways this type of analysis can be applied in the future.

The Wai (and How) of IDS Water Supply and Wastewater

Pipe Renewal Forecasts

PRESENTERS: Gemma Mathieson (IDS), and Andy Bartlett (Waugh)

WHEN: Day 2 - Thursday 22 June

STREAM: Te Tangata me te Hapori - People and Community

TIME: 2.10PM

Learn more about the "Wai (and How) of IDS Water Supply and Wastewater Pipe Renewal Forecasts", with Andy Bartlett of Waugh Infrastructure Management Limited and our very own COO, Gemma Mathieson.

Government advisors have projected that $120Billion - $185Billion will need to be spent on 3Waters services.  A share of this investment is for aged pipes, including those conveying drinking water and wastewater.  Optimising the pipe asset renewal programmes across New Zealand will bring significant benefits, including drinking water safety and risk management.

Research carried out in NZ establishes a local understanding of pipe asset deterioration, used in conjunction with developing industry guidelines and data already managed by asset owners, is brought together in the IDS-Wai Pipe Renewal Forecasting Tool.

The tool is being used in New Zealand to develop renewal programmes, support operational planning, and ensure that investment is allocated efficiently. Modelling outcomes provide valuable analytics and the solid evidence required to present the investment case under the 3Waters regulatory framework. The tool ensures the required performance of pipelines is reliably provided both in the shorter term and further into the future, through scientific, evidence-based decision-making processes.


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