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Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation and Collaboration with dTIMS

As we continue our 25-year celebration, we take a moment to reflect on our remarkable journey. From the introduction of dTIMS to New Zealand in 1998 on sealed roads only, to where are now in 2023 with a comprehensive suite of modelling tools for transport and water assets, backed by invaluable industry collaboration and expertise.

Through dTIMS, we've significantly advanced predictive deterioration modelling and analysis tools for asset owners. Along the way, we've developed New Zealand-specific intellectual property, which is not only owned by, but actively available to the industry.

We extend our gratitude to each of our industry partners and Deighton for their collaboration and support throughout this 25-year journey. You have been instrumental in helping shape and advance technical innovations for IDS and the wider industry.

Here's to the achievements we've made, the partnerships we've built - and the innovations yet to come!


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