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IDS Executive Dashboard

Communicate a rich investment story and connect users for better decision-making

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Having the right information is vital in effective, strategic planning and decision-making. The new IDS Executive Dashboard, a first of its kind, allows senior-level and governance decision-makers see the big picture around their asset investment needs to make more informed decisions.


Through the Dashboard, non-technical decision-makers can consider their transport objectives and strategies, overall growth projections, how their network is performing, and review analysis recommendations and investment scenarios graphically in one centralised location.


User friendly


An easy-to-use, web-based platform designed for governance and senior management decision-makers to better understand their investment options and rationale for transport. It shows a richer story of a Road Controlling Authorities investment needs.


Informative reporting

The Dashboard provides a simple report with three main pages covering; Strategy and Context, Performance and Gaps, and Future State Modelling. Each page provides a high-level summary with the ability to easily drill down further if required.


Screen shot from the new IDS Executive D

Benefits and outcomes

  • Helps improve communication and transparency by taking complex and technical analysis and delivering it in a simple format with supporting information. This allows for better, more informed decision-making. 


  • Provides an understanding of how a network is performing in relation to levels of service, and how it compares against peer groups and the One Network Road Classification (ONC) performance measures.


  • No technical training is required to use the IDS Executive Dashboard. Users simply navigate through the pages following the simple prompts.


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