IDS Executive Dashboard

Communicate a rich investment story and connect users for better decision making

Having the right information is vital in effective, strategic planning and decision-making. The new IDS Executive Dashboard, a first of its kind, allows senior-level and governance decision-makers see the big picture around their asset investment needs to make more informed decisions.


Through the Dashboard, non-technical decision-makers can consider their transport objectives and strategies, overall growth projections, how their network is performing, and review analysis recommendations and investment scenarios in a graphical way in one centralised location.


User friendly

An easy-to-use, web-based platform designed for governance and senior management decision-makers to better understand their investment options and rationale for transport. It shows a richer story of a Road Controlling Authorities investment needs.


Informative reporting

The Dashboard provides a simple report with three main pages covering; Strategy and Context, Performance and Gaps, and Future State Modelling. Each page provides a high-level summary with the ability to easily drill down further if required.


Benefits and outcomes

  • Helps improve communication and transparency by taking complex and technical analysis and delivering it in a simple format with supporting information. This allows for better, more informed decision-making. 


  • Provides an understanding of how a network is performing in relation to levels of service, and how it compares against peer groups and the One Network Road Classification (ONC) performance measures.


  • No technical training is required to use the IDS Executive Dashboard. Users simply navigate through the pages following the simple prompts.