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IDS Update - Improved Support For IDS Customers

We want to let you know that IDS clients will receive more efficient dTIMS support and advice thanks to the newly launched, Deighton Support Portal. Customers will now have access to the new portal to load and submit any questions, fault logs or access dTIMS support content as required.

Previously, IDS and Deighton have split helpdesk responsibilities with IDS addressing local configuration issues, and Deighton dealing with software issues.

With the new portal, all technical faults are logged in a central place and dealt with efficiently by the appropriate party. No more emails or delays due to time differences. Something that makes this portal even more exciting is that IDS members now have access to a wealth of resources including:

  • Training videos

  • Webinars

  • Manuals

  • Technical presentations

  • Discussion groups

The IDS support team are committed to providing the best experience for customers and providing an improved, streamlined support process.

To gain access to the new Support Portal you need to create an account – sign up below and join the conversation!

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