Latest Releases

IDS provide solutions to maintain, plan and protect asset networks. Although modelling of roading and water asset performance lies at the heart of our services, there is so much more that we offer.

Here are some of our latest and upcoming technical and reporting developments:

IDS Icons For IDS Dashboard.png

IDS dashboard for pavement and water modelling (via dTIMS software and other external data sources) -Available now


This innovative online dashboard helps communicate your investment story in an executive format. Read more


IDS Icons For Unsealed Roads.png

New gravel roading model - Available now


Often there’s little evidence to substantiate investment into unsealed roads, yet it’s an important part of the New Zealand Road network and managing ratepayer expectations of their maintenance is paramount. Read more


IDS Icons For 3 Waters.png

3Waters – Available now ... Read more




IDS Icons For Footpath Model.png

Footpath model via dTIMS - Available soon


Many authorities are now starting to collect detailed footpath condition data. Read more