Our Purpose

IDS provide industry leadership in the development, advocacy, and implementation of evidence-based decision making for infrastructure and are owned by IPWEA NZ. We are custodians of the publicly-owned taonga (IP) which encompasses asset management methodology,
models and interrelationships.


A charitable organisation, we are owned by the civil engineering industry to support and serve the industry in communities throughout New Zealand.

Our purpose is to:


  • Provide industry leadership in the development, advocacy, and implementation of evidence-based decision making for infrastructure.

  • Provide kaitiakitanga of the publically-owned taonga (IP) encompassing methodology, models and interrelationships. 

  • Advocate the use of deterioration modelling and decision-making tools.

  • Promote the use of the New Zealand specific deterioration model we have developed as best practice for asset management.

  • Promote the use of predictive deterioration modelling as best practice for key infrastructure assets including road and water infrastructure.

  • Ensure that access to leading-edge deterioration modelling is kept within reach of all New Zealand Local Authorities, regardless of size or in-house technical expertise.