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How it Works


1. The tool we use

In New Zealand we have adopted dTIMS (Deighton Total Infrastructure Management System) as the tool of choice to do deterioration modelling and life-cycle cost analyses of our infrastructure assets. We have a strong relationship with the developer company, Deighton Associates Limited, providing interactive user support and technical guidance.

2. Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

Generate optimal repair, upgrade and replacement strategies to manage your infrastructure now and into the future.

3. Multiple Asset Types

Optimise the allocation of budgets between multiple assets or between maintenance and rehabilitation.

4. Modeling

Model remaining service life, forecast condition, calculate benefits, determine optimum maintenance and repair strategy and forecast risk levels.

5. Integration

dTIMS can be integrated with other systems including: financial, human resources (CRM), geographic information systems, planning, maintenance contracts, purchasing and project management.

6. Reporting

dTIMS features a variety of detailed reports, comparative reports, map-based reports and more. View the impact of current work plans or simulate the potential impact of budget increases or cutbacks.

7. Maintenance Activities

Tactical maintenance management system which allows for the management of the entire maintenance business process

The dTIMS system has been developed to assist in the asset planning processes used by New Zealand RCAs.

dTIMS v8, provided opportunities to reduce the number of supporting software applications as well as to provide decision processes that are more aligned to the criteria that NZ RCAs are required to follow.

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Getting Started

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Client Area

To use the framework that IDS has developed you need to be licensed with IDS.Current licence holders consist of Local Authorities, NZTA, Consultants, and Contractors. Your NZ dTIMS licence allows you to analyse any publicly owned assets in NZ. Consultants and contractors also automatically becomes part of the technical consortium that is responsible for all the technical development.

For any licensing issues, or interest in becoming a NZ licence holder please contact Theuns Henning (Business Manager IDS).Theuns can also give you the required information if you would like to use dTIMS for privately owned assets or international work.

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Theuns Henning is the IDS Business Manager and will be happy to answer any questions or enquiries about our services
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